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A place to learn, share and create connections for people affected by CVI in Australia

We are a voluntarily-run community for parents, professionals, carers and others. Our goal is to create a central space in Australia to share learning and ideas about Cerebral and Cortical Vision Impairment.

Our Values

We want all children with CVI to LEAP forward in their development, and believe that with early intervention and access to the right resources, that parents, carers and the community can help their children reach their full potential.



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CVI Community Australia Facebook Community

Join our closed Facebook group and be part of the conversation to support families, carers and professionals in learning more about CVI and sharing our experiences. 

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We are always looking to learn more about CVI and how we can best support our community. To share your ideas, feedback or to contribute a blog post, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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