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We are a voluntarily-run community led by parents and professionals, for parents, professionals, carers and others. Our goal is to create a central space in Australia to share learning and ideas about Cortical Vision Impairment.
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Dr Bronwen Scott
Co-Founder and Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Heidi Zec
Co-Founder and
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Natalia Kelly
Co-Founder and Orthoptist
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Laura Garcia
Co-Founder and

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a community where parents, health and education providers and the wider community can connect and share knowledge and ideas, to ensure that Australian children with CVI benefit from the latest research and best practice.

Our mission is to provide accurate, up to date information through the website and to connect individuals via regular blog posts and a community discussion forum. In the future and dependent upon request, educational activities may include play groups and educational seminars and/or webinars to the medical and educational communities, and to parents and wider community.

Our Values

We want all children with CVI to LEAP forward in their development, and believe that with early intervention and access to the right resources, parents, carers and the community can help their children reach their full potential.


We are committed to continuous learning, bringing together the latest research on CVI from Australia and overseas. 


We seek to provide education and resources, however we do not seek to replace a need for individual medical advice and therapy.


We believe that all people are equal.


We respect people of all backgrounds and seek to provide accessible services that cater for everyone in the community.


We believe that all children, parents and carers have the right to access services and support.


We believe that having a well-informed community in Australia will enable more children to have access to early diagnosis and appropriate intervention.


Parents and carers know their child best and have the potential to be the best advocate for their child.


With access to learning, resources and appropriate support, carers and parents can help their child reach their full potential.

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