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Captivated by the CVI Range - Laura talks to RO&Ming with Lil

A few weeks ago, Laura was invited to be interviewed for a podcast with a wonderful woman, Lil Deverell. Laura is mum to Eva, who is 8 and has CVI due to viral encephalitis. Lil hosts a podcast called RO&Ming with Lil. Lil has been created as a forum for people to learn more about functional vision and Orientation and Mobility from an Australian perspective.

We strongly believe there are not enough 'Australian' resources to help the CVI community; we have so much to choose from internationally, which is invaluable, but we also have many clever professionals in our own backyard that we can benefit from hearing from.

Have a listen to the podcast interview with Lil, where they talked about the start of Laura’s journey; what inspired her to start looking into CVI rather than being told Eva would be completely blind, and where they are today. Lil also includes a PowerPoint presentation for those wanting information in written form, as well as a list of resources Laura uses.

If you haven't already, please consider joining our closed Facebook group to support and share learnings with other parents and professionals, or sign up to receive blog updates direct to your email.

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