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Welcome to CVI Community Australia

We are excited to share our new platform to connect with fellow Australians and broaden our collective understanding of CVI. We hope to provide a community forum and practical support to help children with CVI reach their full potential.

While CVI is the leading cause of vision impairment in children in developed countries (Philip, S.S., & Dutton, G.N. (2014). Identifying and characterising cerebral visual impairment in children: a review.  Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 97(3), 196-208), sadly there is limited awareness of this condition in Australia.

The good news is so much can be done through early intervention and individualised therapy to suit each child's unique CVI needs. 

This website provides information on CVI from Dr Bronwen Scott, an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, trained in the CVI Range Assessment tool through Perkins School for the Blind.

We encourage you to conduct your own research and broaden your understanding of CVI, and have provided some useful links as a base for your research under Resources.

Finally, we would love to connect with you and other local families and supporters through our closed Facebook group which is targeted specifically for Australian parents, carers, professionals and other interested parties. If you would like further involvement, or to contribute to our blog, please contact us.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and letting us share in yours.

Kind regards,

Dr Bronwen Scott and Heidi Zec


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