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CVI Scotland

CVI Scotland has been created by both parents and professionals and includes information, videos and lessons by Professor Gordon Dutton, which are highly informative both for parents and professionals.

There is also a fantastic documentary, "Not In Plain Sight" from BBC which is available for general viewing on Vimeo:



Bartimeus (Netherlands) has uploaded a fantastic 12 minute video (with subtitles), with input by students describing their experience of CVI. 

Nicola McDowell - My CVI Journey 

A powerful, personal journey of life with CVI and strategies to manage challenges as well as provoking thought on how best to help children experience their world to the best of their ability.

Visio - What is CVI? 

Visio (Netherlands) has developed this great 10 minute video with clear explanations on how CVI impacts the day-to-day vision of three children.

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