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CVI Scotland


CVI Scotland has been created by both parents and professionals and includes information, videos and lessons by Professor Gordon Dutton.

There is also a fantastic documentary, "Not In Plain Sight" from BBC which is available for general viewing on Vimeo:

CVI Society


CVI Society is a UK based organisation which hosts an annual convention. The website has information and regular blog posts by a range of people including those with CVI.

Little Bear Sees


Little Bear Sees is a US based organisation. The website has information, personal stories, tips and ideas. There is also a book and an iPad app created especially for children with CVI.

Paediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society


PCVIS is a USA based society created to further advocacy for children with CVI, heighten public awareness, and promote research and other activities that lead to improvement in vision care for children with CVI. The website is freely accessible and there is a membership fee for accessing the full range of materials.

American Printing House for the Blind


APH has a substantial area dedicated to CVI including information, products, a section for parents, assessment and strategies, links to resources and more.

Perkins CVI Hub


Perkins School for the Blind website has a CVI hub with resources, app reviews and other information for parents, educators and schools.

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